"A good wreath is like a beacon of creativity hanging on one's front door, offering family, friends and strangers alike a taste of what makes their host unique."

- Sophie Garrett

Home is not a structure. It's a feeling.

Our home decor choices reflect our personalities and our uniqueness. These choices can also create a welcoming sense of peace, happiness, safety, comfort, and a host of other emotions (think colors). In other words, these choices help to create a feeling (home).

 If you're looking for home decor that tells your story, reflects your interests, and expresses who you are, I am here to help. Specializing in fun and festive front door decor, my handcrafted wreaths and hand painted door hangers will help you instantly change your house (a structure) into your home (the place where your heart is).

 Hi. I'm Jill. I fell in love with designing wreaths and opened my business in 2019. I purchased a laser machine and starting painting door hangers and wood signs in 2020. Since then I have learned how to make the most adorable wreath attachments. Each one of my creations has a small touch of whimsy and a big piece of my heart. 

"When a person pours their heart and soul into their art, they're gifting you with a piece of their heart." 

- Mrs. Miracle (Yes, you caught me. I love sappy Hallmark Christmas movies!)